Corporate Wellness

The Benefits of Corporate Wellness

If your organization is considering a corporate wellness program or wants to improve an existing one, consider these BENEFITS:

  • Lower Insurance Expenses

  • Reduced Employee Time Off

  • Increased Productivity

  • Improved Company Culture

Why Choose Out of the Box Fitness?


Get your team up in the shortest time – we do the heavy lifting


Affordable and flexible pricing structures that don’t break the bank.


We outperform traditional corporate wellness programming by managing goals and competitions – we make it fun!

Your Life Just Got A Lot Easier!

Some Key Factors to Consider

Engagement: The key to engagement is to have a program that is personalized to meet unique needs. At Out of the Box Fitness we provide a dynamic experience for every individual. To create this experience for users, we collect their well-being objectives and health risks. This enables us to provide specific resources that include onsite and vendor-partner activities.

Account management: We do the heavy lifting for you to ensure all your well-being initiatives are connected. Our professionals help you manage everything from incentives, ongoing engagement campaigns, influencer development and more!

Motivation: By keeping the program fun, engaging, and easy to participate, people can more easily adapt healthy habits and stay┬ámotivated. Keeping the incentive structure simple and easy, and relative to your company’s culture, makes the whole program come together. Our account management provides guidance and support throughout your program to ensure your program stays fresh year-over-year and builds your culture of health foundation